UNISDR: Using Science for DRR

24 October 2018

The Scientific and Technical group of UNISDR published a report in 2013 in an effort to better understand the research on DRR and climate change and the ways in which it can be used in policy and practice. In this effort, RAINWATCH was used as a case study in this report. Please take a read of the report here! (Page 22) 

The conclusions of this report on RAINWATCH surmised the following:

"Rainwatch showed that effective links between climate science and policy decision-making could influence policy and action on the ground. Even in the absence of coherent national climate strategies, individuals with the appropriate tools and methodologies – such as Rainwatch – can establish effective links via a boundary organization like AfClix, across a range of disciplines, regions, and levels of decision-making, to communicate climate risk and uncertainty effectively for action-oriented results."

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