RAINWATCH Learning Event

17 March 2019

At the beginning of March 2018, the RAINWATCH Alliance met in Kampala, with the aim of providing the space for deep and explorative dialogue on technical practices, as well as sharing good practice. Additionally, discussions identified challenges, opportunities, and priorities for climate information services in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Professor Ros Cornforth, Director of the Walker Institute said: “The Walker Institute is delighted to be able to support the RAINWATCH Alliance and co-host this workshop, the main aim of which is to foster learning and create dialogue among forecasters, researchers, practitioners, and decision makers. We hope that by integrating the latest climate research for the effective up-scaling of climate information services in Africa we can work to overcome the threats posed by climate change. At the Walker Institute, we are playing an active role in facilitating this cross-learning through our interdisciplinary portfolio of work across sub-Saharan Africa.”

Specifically, the Learning Event provided technical training on maximising the utility of historical data and season-to-date observations for delivering climate services through RAINWATCH. Information on the latest developments for RAINWATCH were also discussed, and followed by a User Learning Exchange to identify research gaps for climate services and to support the development of new sectoral products.

Check out the full Learning Event Meeting Report!

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