RAINWATCH - A Tutorial

30 January 2020

Check out our RAINWATCH Tutorial, recorded by Principal RAINWATCH Coordinator, Kofi Asare. It provides a step by step of how to use RAINWATC…

RAINWATCH in Action!

25 September 2019

We recently released a new YouTube video, with Principal RAINWATCH Coordinator Kofi Asre, looking at what RAINWATCH is doing on the ground i…


25 September 2019

Check out our new video, with Principal RAINWATCH Coordinator Kofi Asare, looking at what is RAINWATCH?

New RAINWATCH Handbook - A step by step guide to using RAINWATCH

27 August 2019

Check out RAINWATCH Handbook: A step by step guide to using RAINWATCH, version 1.0 RAINWATCH, is an open-source, web-based GIS platform th…

New Bulk Data Upload Tutorial - RAINWATCH

28 August 2019

As part of the continuous development of the RAINWATCH platform, we recently added a new tool that enables bulk data uploads for rainfall in…

Rainwatch In the News

24 October 2018

Take a look at some of our previous journal articles and news published on RAINWATCH!

UNISDR: Using Science for DRR

24 October 2018

The Scientific and Technical group of UNISDR published a report in 2013 in an effort to better understand the research on DRR and climate ch…

RAINWATCH Learning Event

17 March 2019

At the beginning of March 2018, the RAINWATCH Alliance met in Kampala, with the aim of providing the space for deep and explorative dialogue…

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