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Urban Land Institute and New Climate Economy

Project Team

Prof Sue Grimmond, University of Reading: Dr Jon Blower, Dr Stanimira Milcheva, Dr Ben Crawford, Dr Sam Doolin, Dr Senjuti Manna, Shua Shi, Dr Ruth Pugh


University of Bath: Dr Alistair Hunt, Nick Dale; Daniel Black Associates (db_associates): Daniel Black


August 2016 – June 2017


Global analysis

Key Contact

Professor Kathy Pain


Good Density, urbanisation, carbon emissions, real estate investment returns, governance




The project investigates the case for both investors and the public sector to make the necessary investments into ‘good density’ to make cities more vibrant, liveable and sustainable.

Our research

The first phase of the research specifies and benchmarks the relationship between urban form and good density to identify what contributes to successful urban development.

The second phase of the research looks at both positive and negative factors related to urbanisation (e.g. transportation, carbon emissions. green and blue spaces and economic vibrancy) to explore whether it is possible to establish a correlation between urban form and property investment returns that can be applied in cities in developed and developing countries. A selection of case cities is identified for further analysis in a later stage of the research programme.

Associations between urban form, good density and human well-being are identified, providing useful indicators to support decision making on urban development for planners, designers and real estate investors. The project is funded by ULI and NCE in collaboration with a high level consortium of global fund managers and investors.