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Using community radio to improve resilience of farming communities

Community radio is being used to improve the resilience of farming communities in both northern Ghana and Burkina Faso to weather shocks, lack of access to good quality water and to support conservation of resources.

Radio is arguably one of the most important, cost-effective sources of information for the majority of rural farmers in Africa. Along with farmer field listening groups and multi-stakeholder groups, agri-educational radio programming is establishing a dialogue directly with rural farming populations, delivering live, relevant and real-time updates on issues affecting their crops and livelihoods. This work is being done as part of the BRAVE project and is a collaboration with the Lorna Young Foundation, CARE, Christian Aid Sahel, and Reseau Marp.

Walker held radio training workshops in June 2017 in northern Ghana and Burkina Faso to train and empower participants to develop and implement a radio farmer program which increases farmer access to usable, timely information. The “Farmers’ Voice” program is being broadcast in Garu-Tempane in the Upper East region and East Mamprusi District in the Northern region of Ghana, as well as in Reo in Sanguié Province of Burkina Faso.