What is CREST?

The Climate Resilience Evidence Synthesis Training (CREST) is a new initiative providing practical, real-world experience in the synthesis of information from across sectors, to inform policy and business decision-making in the field of climate resilience.  

The next CREST course will be running in June 2021 for PhD Students at the University of Reading. Due to the lockdown restrictions currently in place, this course will run entirely online. This year we will be running the course with the theme of Disaster Resilience. It will guide students through the complexities of interdisciplinary research showing how academic insight can be translated into timely, relevant, concise information, in formats fit for consumption by governments, NGOs, businesses, charities and other decision makers. 

Learning objectives

Increasing participants understanding and ability in:

  • translating scientific evidence into relevant information to inform policy
  • Policy processes
  • Stakeholders, stakeholder mapping and networks
  • Communication: Theory and Practice
  • Knowledge exchange & Evidence synthesis 

Programme Structure

CREST encompasses a 5-day programme of facilitated online training, using real-world case studies to demonstrate the synthesis of research into evidence to inform decision-making. The format of the course provides a unique opportunity to understand the context and environments in which key decisions are made, and how evidence is utilised by different stakeholder groups. Capitalising on the Walker Institute’s strategic relationships, participants will benefit from direct contact with a range of guest speakers from government agencies, NGOs and academia.

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