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Walker Research Fellows

Grady Walker

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Luisa Ciampi

Post Doctoral Researcher and Walker Academy Lead

Elena Tarnavsky

Senior Research Fellow

Heather Plumpton

Interdisciplinary Research Fellow

Board Members

Virginia Murray

Consultant in Global Disaster Risk Reduction at Public Health England

Menghestab Haile

Country Director - World Food Programme Eqypt

Aondover Tarhule

Vice Provost- Binghamton University

Rob Wilby

Professor of Hydroclimatic Modelling

Andrew Bennett

President of the Tropical Agricultural Association

Peter Gibbs

Former BBC Weather Forecaster & Journalist

Lord Crisp

Co-Chair, All Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health & Former CEO of NHS


Ros Cornforth


Walker Ambassadors

Dr Richard Nunes

Dr Linda Hirons

Prof Lisa Methven

Prof Eleanor Fisher

Dr Manuela Gonzalez-Suarez

Leadership Team

Celia Petty

Strategic Team Lead

Valerio Lucarini

Professor of Statistical Mechanics

Operational Team

Zala Hussain

Executive Administration Officer

Luisa Ciampi

Post Doctoral Researcher and Walker Academy Lead

Walker Business Partners

Karen Lawrence

HR Adviser

Ashley Burke

International Partnership Manager