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Water Security and Poverty - REACH Conference

Monday, March 18, 2019

"Access to water is a defining challenge for the 21st century. The UK has already helped 43 million people to access clean water, but there is far more to be done."
DfID Pariliamentary Under Secretary of State

On 27-29 March, REACH programme are hosting a conference on Water Security and Poverty where leading practitioners and scientists will meet in Oxford to discuss key results from REACH programmes in Bangladesh, Kenya and Ethiopia. 

The conference will include participation from senior government representatives and leading practitioners including H.E. Dr. Seleshi Bekele, the Ethiopian Minister for Water, Irrigation and Electricity; Mr Abul Kalam Azad, the Chief Coordinator for SDG Affairs in the Prime Minister’s Office in Bangladesh; Professor Louise Richardson, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford and many others from UNICEF, DFID, IWMI, Oxfam, Sida, IFPRI, IWA, and more.

Prof Ros Cornforth, Director of the Walker Institute, will be chairing a panel on 29th March at the conference; "African Climate: Knowledge Production and Decision Making". Make sure to check this out if you are attending the conference. 

Prof Cornforth will be joined by:

  • Dr Ellen Dyer, University of Oxford
  • Dr Sophie Haines, University of Oxford
  • Dr Rachel James, University of Oxford
  • Dr Gilbert Ouma, University of Nairobi

Clearly communicating climate science to policy makers is vital for effective decision making. As part of the BRAVE project, Dr Henny Osbahr was in Ghana last week and attended Africa Climate Week where speakers at a WASCAL event highlighted the need for climate information and ways to improve the transfer of this information into policy. 

There were concerns that to date, there has been limited uptake of science into policy and this was considered ‘a political problem’, due to some policy makers undervaluing the science. This is often compounded by limited communication resulting in a lack of understanding of the importance and application of climate science. This panel aims to engage in productive dialogue around these issues.