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Walker Institute participated at ICCS 5, Cape Town

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Walker Institute participated at the Fifth International Conference on Climate Services (ICCS 5) held in Cape Town, South Africa from Feb 27 to March 4. ICCS 5 is the premier global event for Climate Services Partnership in Africa and is a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration. This conference is a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration to promote climate resilience and the advancement of climate service capabilities worldwide, bringing together policy makers, international actors, scientists, service providers and product developers. 

A leader in interdisciplinary climate research, the Walker Institute showcased some of its novel approaches and research as well as proven impact climate service expansion, capacity building and product delivery. Over the week-long conference, representatives from the Walker Institute presented 4 papers and 1 poster, were a feature in the ICCS 5 Market Place, showcasing innovative and exciting formats for climate services engagement, and co-led the ClimHealth Africa Side Event.  

Key features were Rainwatch, PICSA and Walker’s recent work across its climate-health-livelihoods portfolio.



Effective capacity building for climate-resilient health systems

ClimHealth Africa Side Event:

ClimHealth Africa is a multi-stakeholder initiative bringing together Pan-African technical institutes and international partners to guide and strengthen the public health resilience of African countries and communities. ClimHealth Africa provides scientific leadership, capacity building, research, and policy support to help inform and support the health sector across Africa move from the current reactive to a proactive mode. ClimHealth Africa serves as the principle user-interface mechanism for engaging, guiding, and setting standards for the health community to access and use climate services in Africa. 

Professor Ros Cornforth, co-led the ClimHealth Side Event, offering unique contributions from the Walker Institute’s experience in integrating climate information with health systems within East and Southern Africa, and expertise from the meteorological perspective.

“The Walker Institute’s participation at ICCS 5 demonstrated the wide range of interdisciplinary expertise and research currently being undertaken.  We were able to showcase our dynamism across climate science, climate services and product development that are creating multi-sector impacts across Africa.”