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Walker Institute Director contributes to global health book by Lord Nigel Crisp

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Walker Institute Director Ros Cornforth contributed to Lord Nigel Crisp's book.

One World Health: an overview of global health presents a new approach to the teaching and understanding of global health.

Her contribution to the book is on the chapter about health, food, and the physical environment. She reflects on climate change, the changing environment, and the risks these bring to health.

Ros said: "These issues are closely linked and therefore any policy response and actions taken to address one of these issues can be modified to bring co-benefits to the other." 

The Walker Institute's HyCRISTAL project is a great example of this. HyCRISTAL tackles current uncertainties which exist around climate change projections for the great lakes region of Africa, concentrating in particular on what they mean for the availability and management of water in rural and urban communities.

HyCRISTAL is developing new understanding of climate change and its impacts in the region, working with decision-makers to manage water for a more climate-resilient future.

One World Health: an overview of global health discusses the political, moral, and practical choices faced by those working towards health improvement both nationally and globally.

It also describes both the shared opportunities and the problems that we all face, wherever we live, and the particular needs of the poorest people in every society. Grounded in real experience, with commentaries from key opinion leaders in global health around the world.