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Walker at COP23. A roundup of the first 5 days in Bonn

Friday, November 10, 2017

COP23 is the international community’s biggest annual climate conference that aims to address the problem of climate change. Central to these aims is the commitment from international leaders to keep the global average temperatures below 2C.

Representatives from the University of Reading’s Walker Institute, a community of researchers, policy-makers, practitioners and users who support a climate-resilient future, will also be in attendance. The Walker Institute is presenting important research around forecast based financing, climate-water nexus, adaptive social protection and early warning components from Copernicus Emergency Services.

In addition, the COP Climate Action Studio programme (COP CAS), part of the SCENARIO Doctoral Training Centre here at Reading enables doctoral students to remotely participate in COP23 in real time. The programme is a partnership between the SCENARIO Doctoral Training Centre and the Walker Institute.

Part of the remote participation experience for COP23 includes access to an innovative prototype robot avatar developed by Deutsche Telekom. The robot is physically located at COP23, on the Walker exhibition stand, with the user-VR technology located in the Climate Action Studio at the Walker Institute. This extra dimension has provided a unique immersive experience enabling the students to interact with people visiting the exhibition stand.

COP CAS students, keen to communicate their experiences and put their own opinions across have created the COP CLIMATE ACTION STUDIO BLOG to document COP23.

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