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The Walker Institute Big Event

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Walker Institute Big Event – Wednesday 14 December

On Wednesday 14 December, we will be holding our informal pre-Christmas ‘Big Event’. Guests will have the opportunity to network with Walker Institute researchers and our partners to discover game-changing interdisciplinary research projects that bridge the latest scientific research to support the development of climate resilient society.

We bridge the latest scientific work on climate and health and translate that into a ‘grassroots’ approach, working with local stakeholders in the countries involved.

The event will:

  • Share creative new ways to broker dialogue and communicate climate challenges
  • Showcase the latest interdisciplinary research from the Walker Institute
  • Generate debate and spark conversations between world leaders in policy research and practice
  • Inspire new collaborations that will make a real difference at the grassroots

Twitter: #WalkerGrassroots