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The Climate Communication Project: Your opinion matters

Monday, March 5, 2018

You are formally invited to take part in the Climate Communication Project survey.

The Climate Communication Project is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council as part of the Engaging Environments call. The project aims to understand and evaluate existing expertise in the UK on communicating and engaging the public with climate change. A survey of the climate communication community forms part of this project and aims to understand how a range of specialists carry out their work, to share and promote best practice in the UK, and to point to areas where more investment and attention is needed.

The project team are interested to hear from people with knowledge and experience of communicating and engaging the public with climate change, including the communication of climate science, public engagement around climate or energy policy, the application of social science understanding, and creative approaches to engagement. They are seeking the views of people working in research, for a charity, the public sector, in the arts, or elsewhere. The survey contains questions about the type of work you do, your views on communicating and engaging the public with climate change (e.g. what is appropriate and what is effective), and asks about your experiences of different activities used to do so.

For more information and to complete the survey visit the Climate Communication Project pages 

The survey should take around 20 minutes to complete, depending on the level of detail you provide. The deadline for responses is Friday 30th March 2018.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to this valuable research.