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Public Health England - Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin 5th - 11th September

Friday, September 11, 2020


WHO Guidance on Research Methods for Health Emergency and Disaster Risk Management

As the world and its population face ever-increasing challenges from emergencies and disasters of all kinds, policymakers, practitioners and community actors involved in health emergency and disaster risk management need to be able to access, understand and use the most relevant evidence in order to guide action. Linking to the WHO Health Emergency and Disaster Risk Management Framework, the WHO Guidance on Research Methods for Health and Disaster Risk Management was led by the WHO Kobe Centre, with contributions from over 160 authors from across the world is published on line today.

It outlines how to identify and understand the problem; offers ideas on how to determine the scope of your study; it addresses the issues of study design; and provides examples of special topics to demonstrate research processes and benefits. It also provides a guide of how to become a researcher. The book describes a wide variety of studies that can answer quantitative and qualitative questions in different settings, with specific emphasis on health-related disasters. Take a read today!



WHO Coronavirus disease (COVID -19) Situational Report – 11th September

RESPONSE TO COVID-19 IN THE EUROPEAN REGION Joint statement – Towards a consensus on safe schooling in the WHO European Region during the COVID-19 pandemic



ECHO Daily report: Algeria Floods – 9th September


Death toll from Bangladesh mosque AC explosion rises to 27

10 dead, 12 missing as boat capsizes on Gumai river in Bangladesh's Netrokona district


Moria migrants: Fire destroys Greek camp leaving 13,000 without shelter


Lightning kills a dozen people across Jharkhand


Typhoon Haishen hammers southern Japan with high winds and power outages


Large fire erupts in Beirut port area, a month after massive blast


Marble quarry collapse in remote Pakistan kills at least 17

Widespread floods affect 2.5 million people, over 1 million acres of crops in Sindh, Pakistan


Senegal's capital Dakar gets year's worth of rain in 1 night

South Korea

Typhoon Haishen batters South Korea after slamming Japan


Emergency services called to 28 incidents in Majorca


Sudan declares 3-month state of emergency over deadly floods

United Kingdom

Hoo fire: 'Huge explosion' as fire rages at industrial unit

Winchester school bus bridge crash leaves children injured

Newcastle University students' data held to ransom by cyber criminals

United States of America

Creek Fire: Helicopters rescue dozens of trapped California campers

NASA Downslope Winds Fan Western Fires

2 million acres burned by wildfires in California, surpassing all-time record set in 2018

500 000 forced to evacuate as massive wildfires rage through Oregon, U.S.

Strong winds hit Utah, sparking power outages and school closures

Significantly colder temperatures are setting the stage for the first heavy snow of the 2020 - 2021 winter season, U.S.


Other items of interest:

Online training: UNDRR Webinar – Risk Informed Investment For Macro-Economic Financial Stability – 15th September 14:00 CET

Webinar: United Nations Information Session: 2020 UN World Data Forum – 17th September 09:00 – 10:15 AM EDT

Webinar: Protecting our most vulnerable: Disaster impact assessment for the Rohingya refugee community – 17th September 12:30 PM Auckland, Wellington

Torrens Resilience Institute, Australia: Toolkit for Assessing Disaster Resilience for Aged Care Facilities June 2020

Torrens Resilience Institute, Australia: Guidance for the Selection of Generators for Aged Care Homes

European wildfire danger and vulnerability under a changing climate: towards integrating risk dimensions

Burkina Faso: '0.5M children face acute malnutrition'


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