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Public Health England - Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin 11th -17th July

Friday, July 17, 2020






WHO COVID -19 Situational Report – 16 July

Coronavirus global report: restrictions return around world as cases pass 13 million



Icebergs and flooded roads after unprecedented hailstorm hits Gyumri


Over a million villagers marooned, displaced in Bangladesh amid heavy flooding


Thousands Displaced as Rivers Overflow in Rio Grande Do Sul


Thousands Affected by Flooding After Weeks of Rain


Floods and Rain Affect 300,000 in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh


At least 15 dead, 4,000 affected as flash floods sweep through South Sulawesi, Indonesia


Two dead as severe storm ravages Palermo


Thousands flee as heavy rain lashes Japan


Laos reports 113 new cases of dengue fever


Flash floods hit five villages in Malaysia's Negeri Sembilan state


2 Dead as Heavy Rain Triggers Landslides and Floods in Oaxaca


Forest fires put out in Inner Mongolia


Dozens Dead or Missing After Heavy Rain Triggers Floods and Landslides


Hurricane-force winds wreak havoc in parts of western Russia, leaving 52 000 without power

South Korea

Deadly Flash Floods After 277mm of Rain in South Gyeongsang


Thailand reports 2600 additional dengue cases in the past week, 5 more deaths


Four dead in north eastern Turkey flash flood


Locust invasion in Yemen stokes food insecurity fears


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