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New RAINWATCH Handbook - A step by step guide to using RAINWATCH

Monday, January 13, 2020

RAINWATCH, is an open-source, web-based GIS platform that provides rainfall data in near-real time from national weather stations and tracks the key seasonal characteristics, important for food production, health service response and social protection systems. It has been operating since 2009 in West Africa but is now developed and sustained through a continent-wide RAINWATCH Alliance  - a partnership of more than 15 African National Hydro Meteorological Services (NHMS) networked together, as part of an African solution to build an effective climate service partnership on one platform working together with Government Agencies, NGOs and Research Institutions across Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) to build a climate resilient future for all.

​This Handbook has been designed to help RAINWATCH users navigate the web-based RAINWATCH system. Examples of use include policy discussions within the MoFA (Ministry of Food and Agriculture) to discuss with crop scientists, extension officers and farmers the implications of the RAINWATCH information to improve decision-making through the season.​

The Handbook includes a series of easy to follow step-by-step visuals based on the RAINWATCH training presentations to help new users/producers of information understand the different views and content to make informed selections of the available content for their decision use cases.

Check out RAINWATCH Handbook: A step by step guide to using RAINWATCH, version 1.0

To cite this Handbook:
Asare, K., Cornforth, R. J., Tarhule, A., Osbahr, H., Ciampi L., Myers J. (2019) ‘RAINWATCH Handbook: A step by step guide to using RAINWATCH, version 1.0’. WIBN0819/01