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NCAS-Climate Science Meeting

  •  Friday 30 November 2018
  •  10:00 - 11:00
  •  Meteorology GU01
    University of Reading

At the end of this month Walker's Max Leighton will be presenting his research findings at the monthly NCAS Climate Science Seminar

Max Leighton is a research assistant working with Ted Shepherd in the Department of Meteorology. He has recently returned from a secondment with the University of Cape Town where he carried out research in South Africa and Zambia to construct a technical story for policy makers on the water situation in Lusaka. 

Zambia has now embarked on its Vision 2030 with a stable political system providing the platform to achieve the goal of middle-income status by the end of the next decade. Climate change and issues around water such as flooding, regular outbreaks of cholera and an over-reliance on groundwater are threatening this trajectory.

In Lusaka, a team of academics, government officials, civil society practitioners and private sector people working within the water sector are using narratives to make sense of these problems, develop policy solutions and deal with the uncertainties associated around climate change. This talk will discuss the above, along with the challenges and rewards when working in large interdisciplinary groups. 


For more information on Max, check out our 'Meet Max' post.

Date: 30th November

Time: 10:00 - 11:00 (Discussions & Coffee until 11:15/30)

Location: Meteorology GU01

Come along and check out Max's work!