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Methodology Brief Published for Award-winning Participatory Action Research

Thursday, August 20, 2020

On August 12th, Dr Grady Walker, a Senior Research Fellow working at the Walker Institute and School of Agriculture, Policy and Development, published a methodology brief detailing the process behind his visual methods research carried out in Mukono, Uganda. Dr. Walker’s research, upskilling farmers in video production as a means of communicating their experiences directly with policymakers, was recently awarded the University of Reading Research Engagement and Impact Award.

Many farmers in Uganda receive important agricultural information in a one-way sharing process, from government agricultural extension officers directly to the farmer. This method does not allow farmers to share their own experience and opinions, or to be part of the knowledge building process.

To bridge the gap between communities and decision makers, Dr Grady Walker travelled to Mukono, Uganda, to train farmers in video production and the development of their stories. They then used these films to communicate directly with the Mukono District government. This research and engagement activity was part of the HyCRISTAL project, and was carried out in conjunction with Climate Action Network Uganda (CAN-U) with support from Practical Action. An example of one of the videos produced can be seen below:

The methodology brief explains the origins of, and theory behind, the participatory methods used in Dr Walker’s research and explains how video production, in the hands of farmers and other empowered local stakeholders, helped to turn a process of one-way agricultural advice into an effective and inclusive two-way dialogue between farmers and local government.

The brief – Participatory Action Research Using Visual Methods – can be accessed by clicking HERE.

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