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Evidence for Development Seminar at the University of Reading

Monday, January 9, 2017

'Mapping the impact of climate data on rural livelihoods: new work in sub Saharan Africa'

12pm 16 January 2017, Sutcliffe Lecture Theatre, University of Reading

Much work as already been done to develop methodologies to measure livelihoods in sub Saharan Africa. Data has been collected for large areas and this data has been widely used by Governments for early warning of the impact of crop failure, price and other shocks on people’s food access, with notable successes in southern and east Africa. Livelihoods are the key link that connect climate to how people actually get enough to eat. 

This seminar will discuss current research in the Lake Victoria basin, linking climate and livelihood models to better understand the expected impact of climate change on rural households. The project is part of the DfID/NERC HyCRISTAL project, which aims to provide governments and other agencies with planning tools to mitigate climate impacts.

The seminar is held at 12pm in the Sutcliffe Lecture Theatre on Monday 16 January. For more information, visit the Department of Meteorology

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