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Everyday Life and Environmental Change: Connections, Dynamics and Entanglements Conference

  •  Monday 24 June 2019
  •  Date and time TBC
  •  University of Reading
    United Kingdom

Conference convenors: Alex Arnall, University of Reading, and Uma Kothari, University of Manchester.

Although the everyday is commonly regarded as mundane and unexceptional, day-to-day life is central to understanding how environmental change occurs and how people respond to it. Changes in the physical environment intersect and connect with people’s everyday lives, and people’s day-to-day activities produce alterations in the environment at a range of scales. Daily practices, habits and routines are often deeply engrained, being reproduced in a mostly non-reflexive manner, but are also potentially malleable and open to the possibility of modification in the context of environmental variability and change. In some cases, alterations in the environment might be familiar, such as how weather impacts on everyday mobility decisions. In other instances, more unusual and widespread events, such as drought, can produce profound shifts in daily practices and movements related to, for example, work, leisure and relations of care.

This interdisciplinary conference examines environmental change and the ways in which it effects, is incorporated into, and produced by the spatial and temporal dimensions of people’s daily lives. It explores how, through the interconnections between day-to-day practice and the physical environment, people create, encounter and shape human and non-human entanglements in varied, multiple and complex ways. We invite papers that examine these connections and dynamics. Themes can include but are not limited to:

• The rhythms and temporalities of everyday life and environmental change
• Perceiving, understanding and responding to daily environmental change
• Daily practice and the production of environmental change
• Encountering human and non-human entanglements in the day-to-day
• The everyday politics of environmental change
• Everyday connections with, and experiences of, the physical environment
• Representations of the everyday and environmental change in film, literature and art
• Everyday futures and environmental change
• Emotion, affect and agency in the day-to-day
• Methodologies for revealing everyday life and environmental change

Date of conference: TBC