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Communicating Climate Change Differently

Monday, December 19, 2016

Dear Friends,

Before we all rush-off to busy, exciting and I hope restorative holiday break, I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your engagement with and support of the Walker Institute’s Big Event.  It was truly a delight to share the evening with you and to witness your passions and dedication as we all work to move forward towards a more climate resilient future.

As we all know, climate change is a vast and complex challenge and one that we all individually, as part of a wider community and institution have a role to play.  Each of our roles may be different, whether it is through communicating via storytelling, art or dance, working with communities most impacted by climate vulnerability, challenging our political leaders to do more, or analysing data informing us of current and upcoming trends.  Each of our roles is different, and yet equally vital in supporting our dynamic global community moving forward.  It is my sincere hope that we continue to build from past work, strengthen existing partnerships and develop new connections.

The Walker Institute understands climate change isn’t just an academic problem, but a problem for us all, so there is a need, now more than ever, for us to work together across other disciplines, and other professions - working across boundaries rather than within them. We are evolving with the need of the global community, and also adapting our approach to look more holistically at the issues around sustainable development in the face of climate change. Our research is driving productive solution-oriented collaboration on the ground. This is helping us to address some of the fundamental questions currently facing development and encompassing social, economic, technological, and political strategies which are being implemented at all scales of society.

Understanding these issues along with the complex connections and interdependence of communities, the economy and the environment, requires the generation and integration of new knowledge that occupies the spaces found between traditional academic disciplines. Embracing the heart of this nexus, the Walker Institute looks to continue grow, with you, this network of researchers, policy-makers, practitioners and users who contribute as a community to achieve a shared goal with passion and with boldness – to turn discoveries into tools that make a genuine difference in order to the lives of some of the poorest communities around the world, and to help safeguard the lives of the generations to come. 

In this true spirit of partnership, knowledge sharing and listening first, let me lead by example and share some of the outcomes from our meeting through the picture below.

I am also pleased to say we have already received recognition and featured in the Ugandan Newspaper, thanks to the Rt Hon. Cecilia Ogwal.

We will be glad to hear your feedback, but also want to share ours and will use this space as a means of communicating our work and also hoping to also hear your feedback, challenges and needs, because in that spirit of listening is where we can find effective and sustainable solutions. To get writing simply, start typing in the comment box and follow instructions!

Wishing you all - a happy and peaceful Christmas!