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BRAVE: Training the trainers on groundwater modelling

Friday, March 13, 2020

As part of the BRAVE project, our Co-PI Dr David Macdonald, at British Geological Survey (BGS), ran two courses in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso on 14-16th January 2020. 

AquiMod is the BGS groundwater code that has been used to undertake modelling for the BRAVE Project in Burkina Faso using groundwater level data collected by the Direction des Etudes et de l'Information sur l'Eau (DEIE). Two courses in the use of the model were held in Ouagadougou on 14 January and 15-16 January to train counterparts of BGS in country.

The 14th January course was run for BRAVE researchers and included:

The second course which ran on 15-16 January was primarily for DEIE staff who will use the models developed by the BRAVE project within the preparation of reports on the status of water resources within Burkina Faso. Those who attended the course were:

  • Eric Nabaloum - DEIE Groundwater Division
  • Cheick Guissou - DEIE Groundwater Division
  • Justine Yofe/Tirogo - ex-Head Groundwater Division of DEIE, now groundwater lead for the Government
  • Elvis Sandwidi - WASH consultant

The courses involved a description of:

  • the hydrogeological and modelling context within which the model is being used in Burkina Faso
  • the principles used within the Aquimod model
  • the model modules and its operation.
  • practical sessions on the calibration of the model and its application to reconstruct historical and project future groundwater levels.
  • models of groundwater monitoring borehole sites in Burkina Faso were used within these practical sessions.

By the end, participants showed a good understanding of the model and its uses. The courses helped to consolidate links between the main BRAVE Co-I organisations and the West African BRAVE counterparts. It also provided personal contacts with new DEIE staff who will be responsible for future use of the models. This course improved the knowledge and understanding of key people in the water sector of Ghana and Burkina Faso and contributed to ensuring the vital groundwater monitoring needed in Burkina Faso and Ghana will continue in the long run, after the end of BRAVE project.

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