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African Climate Risks Conference 2019

  •  Monday 07 October 2019
  •  7-9 October 2019
  •  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Africa is vulnerable to natural variations in climate and human-induced climate change. Climate projections for Africa show that the continent may be the second hardest hit by climate change impacts, immediately following polar zones (IPCC, 2007). Climate change impacts are already constraining economic development.

The African Climate Risks Conference (ACRC2019) is therefore an open platform, hosted by Future Climate for Africa, for sharing latest climate research on African climate among researchers, and with policy makers, practitioners and development partners, with the goal to ensure the improved flow of knowledge and interactions among researchers, practitioners and decision-makers; toward greater impact and legacy of completed and on-going African climate research initiatives.

The Conference will offer a prime opportunity to promote the uptake of new data, tools and knowledge; brokering new research collaborations and more targeted donor support. It will also stimulate increased contribution of African experts to, and improve coverage of Africa, in the IPCC assessment reports; and bring together development partners to deliberate on how to improve programming to support African-led climate research and service priorities. The theme of the conference is:

Dismantling barriers to urgent climate change adaptation actions.

Please check out their website here for more information and abstract submission