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Walker Institute leading discussions around climate and health adaptation at Adaptation Futures 2018.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Adaptation Futures is the world’s premier conference on climate change adaptation. With over 1000 scientists, practitioners, business leaders and policymakers attending to connect, learn and inspire.  The conference aims to facilitate dialogues for solutions between key actors from diverse perspectives and regions.  This event is the first time the conference is held on the African continent, which sets the foreground for discussions on developing country adaptation issues as well as increase developing world and African participation.

The Walker Institute will feature prominently at the conference and also in the important dialogue surrounding adaptive capacities to climate change impacts on health.  In partnership with the Word Health Organization’s Clim-HEALTH Africa, the Walker Institute’s Dr MacKenzie Dove, a NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow, Dr Celia Petty, the Institute’s Strategic Team Lead, and Dr David Gikungu, a Bio-Meteorologist with Kenya Meteorological Department and a key member of the Walker Institute’s Climate-Health team, will be present their research at the Integrating health and climate adaptation measures in Africa Session. 

The goal of this session will be to promote dialogue amongst a diverse spectrum of climate scientists, researchers, health professionals, NGOs, business and IGOs to enhance interaction and identify approaches for effective integration of health into climate government policies in Africa. This dialogue will be co-led by Clim-HEALTH Africaand South Africa’s special interest group (SIG) on Climate, Energy and Health for the Public Health Association of South Africa (PHASA – SIG CEH).  Through an innovative format combining presentations with live dialogue and engagement with session participants via the interactive Q-Storming exercises.   This session will understand the intersection of climate, energy, and environmental health in Africa and discuss what is needed to facilitate multi and trans disciplinary research to provide evidence for informed policy development and decision-making.  Presenters and participants alike will be engaged in sharing experience and expertise to tackle some of the most pressing questions of current discourse of climate and health impacts.



David Gikungu: Climate health early warning systems for Rift Valley fever in Kenya, and implications for the broader health system

MacKenzie Dove: Adaptive capacity of governments in East and West Africa to understand and respond to heat

Celia Petty: The challenge of promoting a systems based approach to health, nutrition and wellbeing in response to climate change

If you are attending Adaptation Futures, please join us for this session (S84), Wednesday June 20 at 4.30pm, Room 2.44.

See Session Flyer here