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Outstanding Climate Models Win Professor Lucarini National Award

Friday, July 6, 2018

We at the Walker Institute would like to congratulate Professor Valerio Lucarini, a valued member of our leadership team, professor of Statistical Mechanics in the School of Mathematical, Physical and Computational Sciences, and director of the Centre for the Mathematics of Planet Earth, for receiving a well revered award for his work in applying complex mathematics to climate science.

Professor Lucarini was one of 6 winners of the Whitehead Prize announced 29th June by the London Mathematical Society (LMS), and was awarded with this prize for his work in statistical physics to the theory and modelling of climate dynamics, along with his pioneering leadership in mathematics applied to climate science.

On announcement of the award the LMS said “Lucarini’s sustained and timely contributions are of great potential value to a topic of immense consequence. He has also demonstrated outstanding scientific leadership, playing a key role in the international program Mathematics of Planet Earth. His energy, charisma and the extraordinary fertility of his ideas have sparked many collaborations in this area."

Professor Lucarini's work centers on mathematics, statistical physics, dynamical systems and response theory. In addition, one aspect of his work focus on predicting how increasing concentrations of CO₂ will affect global climate change. Lucarini developed a new approach around reinterpreting climate model outputs which could reduce the computing costs associated with running new simulations.

Dr Lucarini will be presenting his research using mathematics to better understand climate transitions at the Barbican Centre in London. For more information, you can check their website.