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Miss Angie Elwin

I graduated in 2010 with a First Class BSc in Marine Environmental Studies from Bangor University, North Wales. I was awarded a NERC MSc Studentship in 2010 and completed an MSc in Marine Environmental Protection in 2011. My MSc research project was carried out in Zanzibar, Tanzania, and focused on mapping mangrove biomass and degradation across the island. After completing my MSc, I began a role as a Research Project Support Officer at Bangor University. Firstly, this involved collating data for the Coastal Wetlands chapter for the 2014 IPCC Report. I then assisted on a NERC funded project looking at carbon fluxes from mangrove forests in Kenya. I am currently a PhD student at the Department of Geography and Environmental Science, University of Reading. My project is interdisciplinary, and focuses on social-ecological resilience in mangrove-shrimp farming communities in Thailand.


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