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Prof Ros Cornforth


A Professor of Climate and Development, Ros is an expert in bringing academics from different disciplines to work together to support climate resilience and development. As a leading innovator in knowledge exchange and multi-stakeholder engagement, she links science, policy and practice to drive solution-orientated research and build capacity on the ground. A Meteorologist by training, she has many years’ experience collaborating with policymakers, communities and international organisations particularly across sub-Saharan Africa. Her work is creating a portfolio of research designed across all scales with a wide range of stakeholder groups to help build a climate resilient future. In 2011, she established the African Climate Exchange (AfClix), which brings together academics, policymakers and practitioners to identify how climate science can play a role in reducing people’s vulnerabilities to weather-related hazards in Africa; and following this through with action on the ground to strengthen capacity and promote resilience. In 2015, Ros became Director of the Walker Institute at the University of Reading, which is driving bottom-up, problem-focused interdisciplinary solutions to climate-related issues in Africa, South Asia and the Americas. She is a big believer in working together and learning together.


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