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Walker Wellbeing Yoga and Relaxation Classes

Monday, January 8, 2018

Challenge your mind and body to sharpen your thinking skills!

To help us as a community to enjoy a healthy and cohesive work environment, we are hosting 1h yoga classes in the Agriculture Building on Wednesday afternoons, with weekly productivity tips!

Where? 1L16, next door to the Walker Institute 

When? Every Wednesday 3-4pm 

Cost? £5.00

How to book? Come and see Zala Hussain, 1L29 in the Walker office to book your place (12 places max)

Why do Yoga? 

Postures promote strong bones & muscles. Increases your flexibility and balance. 

*Learn Pranayama*

Yogic breathing exercises for a healthy body and mind

*Guided Relaxation and Meditation*

Reduces stress, helps you stay calm and present